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Zero conditional (零條件句)

上一期在【关于落在13日的迷信星期五】讨论了The First Conditional/第一条件句,今天我们继续来学习另一个条件句:

The Zero Conditional


The Zero Conditional is used when we talk about situations that are always true and as a consequence are about the past, present or future.


  • If anything bad happens to me, I just blame it on coincidence
  • When the sun goes down, it gets dark.*
  • It lights up if you push that button.

记得,The present simple is used in both clauses. 这种情况,两个从句都用一般现在时。


* It is commonly used to talk about scientific facts. As you can see in the example above, we use the present simple in both clauses.

它通常用于谈论科学事实。 正如以上的例子:





下一期,我们一起来学习Second conditional 第二条件。