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工作时兼玩手机游戏可以能提高工作效率吗? (中英文双语对照阅读)

忙里偷闲,智慧之言。但是在工作的时候‘忙里玩game’,大家又怎么看呢?Can gaming at work make you more productive?



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Many employees are taking their video game hobby to the office, as longer hours and project-based work make it easier to fit in a few minutes of play during the work day.


Psychologists, along with the gamers themselves, say the benefits go beyond fun or amusement. Many people use gaming to find moments of stress relief throughout the workday, to cope with a boring role or as a way to feel more in control.


Gaming might also help with creative thinking and problem solving. Stepping away from a tricky task for a few minutes of gaming might spur a new perspective on a business problem or help to reset your mind during an especially difficult day, say experts.


It helps that it’s getting easier to play in short bursts. While games were traditionally played in longer increments on consoles or computers, new app-based games tend to provide a few minutes of fun without drawing you into an hours-long adventure, said Ferguson.

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It just helps get your day started on the right foot.