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Second conditional (复习第二条件句子)


何谓不真实(unreal)或不可能的事情(impossible things)呢?


  •     If I won a lot of money I’d buy a big house in the country.
  •     Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
  •     If you didn’t smoke so much you’d feel a lot better.


第二条件的架句型结构经常是 if+一般过去时 would+不定式。

The structure is usually if + past simple and would + infinitive. It’s not important which clause comes first.


再来看看第一条件句和第二条件句的区别。Look at the difference between the first and second conditionals.    

第一条件句:In January: If it snows tomorrow I’ll go skiing.

备注:明天很可能就下雪了 / It might snow tomorrow.


第二条件句:In August: If it snowed tomorrow I’d go skiing.

备注:明天确定不会下雪 / It almost certainly won’t snow tomorrow.


注意,虽然许多架句型结构经常用If + will/would,然而有时候也会使用其他替代词。Although many conditional sentences use if + will/would, conditional sentences can also use other words instead of if

比如说:when as soon as in case

Other modal verbs can be used instead of will/would

比如说:can/could, may might