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20天英语大挑战 - 第五关:高级片语动词语法 /Advanced phrasal verbs grammar quiz

之前我们做过许多关于书写相关的英语测试(参考文章最下面),今天有容易让人混淆的片语动词测试(Phrasal verbs)。A phrasal verb is an idiomatic way of describing something. You have a VERB plus a PREPOSITION or ADVERB. 所谓Phrasal verbs,也就是动词加上介词或副词,让原始动词产生不同的意思。由于动词的数量繁多,加上配合组别产生新意思,这让初学者非常挑战。


'Move more quickly' = HURRY UP= 赶快

Example: Hurry up and get dressed. We have to leave in 5 minutes.

例句:快点穿衣服 , 我们必须在5分钟内离开。


在英语剑桥字典里有有数千个片语动词。其中最常见的短语动词,如sit down, shut up, turn (something) off,  turn (something)  down, get to know (something) , etc. (坐下来,闭嘴,关闭,拒绝,知道,等等)。


难度:***/***** ,适合中高级学

plough on 和 pull up

holding up 和 holding down

map out 和 mark up

 is picked on 和 is perked up

look around for 和 look over

measure up 和 make out

got out with 和 got off with

moved back 和 moved up

called for 和 called in

rustle up  和 romp through


准备好了吗? 现在请前往英语版本通过10个快速测验​:20 Day English - Day 5: Advanced phrasal verbs grammar quiz



1. Just forget about what everyone else is doing, we need to ____ and get this finished.

plough on | pass away | pull up | play back

2. Roadworks are ___ traffic on the motorway and causing long delays.

holding out | holding up | holding on to | holding down

3. We need to ___ our business strategy for 2017 now.

map out | march past | mark up | march on

4.  John is being bullied at school. He ___ because of his big ears.

is picked over | is picked on | picks on them | is perked up

5. Before you buy the new car, ___ other cheaper options.

look around for | look over | look in | look forward to

6.  This info is so confusing, but I think you have to apply for a new permit as far as I can ___

make up | make over | measure up | make out

7.  Sam ___ Jennifer at the party. I saw the video of them kissing.

got onto | got round on | got out with | got off with

8.  He has broken his arm, so they have ____ the date of the wedding until next summer.

moved back | moved along | moved up | moved down

9. Peace protestors have ___ a total ban on nuclear weapons.

called up | shouted out | called for | called in

10. I know you've only got 15 minutes, but sit down and I'll ____ a quick lunch for you.

rustle up  | romp through | rough up | rifle through




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