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英国闪电大选: 五样不可不知道的事情




UK snap election: Five things you need to know
英国闪电大选: 五样不可不知道的事情

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap general election for 8 June, taking the country by surprise. The previous election was in 2015, so another was not due until 2020.


Ms May pledged several times after taking office last year not to call an early election, so this is something of a U-turn.



Why the U-turn? 为什么出尔反尔?

The prime minister wants a strong mandate in parliament going into what are likely to be fraught negotiations with Europe over Britain's exit from the EU.


Who is Theresa May? 谁是特雷莎·梅?

A former home secretary, Ms May has cultivated an image of iron resolve and dependability.

What happens next? 下一步是什么?

A snap election needs to be approved by two thirds of MPs in the House of Commons.

Could she lose? 她会输吗?

It might seem foolish to call anything a certainty now in politics. A raft of Sunday polls in the UK put the Conservatives somewhere between 11 and a massive 21 points ahead of Labour, the largest gap between the parties in the past nine years. Surveys also suggest that the British public is confident in Ms May's ability to negotiate a good deal from the EU.


What does it mean for Brexit? 这和脱欧有什么关系?

The Brexit vote showed divisions through public and parliament, and part of the thinking behind this snap election will be to strengthen Ms May's hand at home before negotiations begin in earnest.