Studying in the UK


我们的密集型英语课程结合了上午的标准英语课程(9.15 – 12.45)与下午的小组课程(13.30 – 15.00)。 小组课程的辅导老师可以着重满足学生的直接要求,同时提高听说技能,扩大词汇量,并提高信心。

上午的标准英语课程注重学生学习英语的全面需求,包括注重语法和建立词汇量,会话,聆听和书写技巧机巧。下午的小组课程 小组课程的辅导老师着重满足学生的直接要求,同时提高听说技能,扩大词汇量,并提高信心。学习活动包括小组作业,通过互联网搜查研究,或制作学生通讯报,作业范围包括不同的主题如旅游,文化,政治。



09:15 - 10:45
11:15 - 12:45
午餐13:30 - 15:00


Sample Afternoon Timetable

13:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:0013:30 - 15:00

Introduction to course &
preview of areas to cover analysis of how a story is reported in British press editorial meeting for the school newsletter. Discussion of a previous newsletter & decisions made about what to
include and what are the deadlines.

London Life & Culture
sub-group decides to do a survey of local cafes.
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.
Music & Art
sub-group decides to do
a review of a nearby gallery
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.
Media & Fashion
sub-group decides to do
an article on a fashion house.
Plan of action agreed on and
work starts.

All sub-groups work on their
respective mini-projects with
teacher facilitating.

Feedback on progress made
by sub-groups to whole group.
Recommendations made by teacher to as to how best to
continue and complete.

If any sub-groups have finished
the teacher will suggest other
possible subjects for the newsletter

Whole group looks at the
grammar and style of headlines

All sub-groups work on completing their articles and giving them a headline


Proof-reading & 'paste-up'
of newsletter in the Multi-
Media Centre.

Last minute changes made to
text. Newsletter produced for
distribution to the following
week's classes

Round-up of the week's work
with the whole group.